Affected Plat Map
Detailed Topol­ogy of the Sun­set Falls Hydro­elec­tric Project Map
Google Earth Map of Sun­set Falls
Wild Sky Wilder­ness Area( Patty Mur­ray 2007 pro­posal map 23.4MB )
Sun­set Falls Hydro­elec­tric Project in prox­im­ity to Wild Sky Wilder­ness Area


Skykomish River: Impact of ongo­ing Glac­ier Retreat on late sum­mer low flows
Sun­set Falls Hydro­elec­tric Project FAQ (Sno­homish County PUD Doc­u­ment )
Sno­homish PUD pre­sen­ta­tion to FERC

Rel­e­vant Web Sites

Sno­homish County PUD Sun­set Falls Hydro­elec­tric Project
North­west Power and Con­ser­va­tion Coun­cil
Fed­eral Energy Reg­u­la­tion Com­mis­sion
Save The Skykomish River
Mount Index River­sites
National Hydro-​power Asso­ci­a­tion
NOAA North­west River For­cast Cen­ter ( Flow Data )
U.S. Dept. of Inte­rior
U.S. For­est Ser­vice
Wash­ing­ton Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Wash­ing­ton Dept. of Ecol­ogy
Amer­i­can Rivers
Rivers Coun­cil of Wash­ing­ton
The Sierra Club
Trout Unlim­ited
Wild Fish Con­ser­vancy
Wash­ing­ton Wilder­ness Coali­tion
Shan­non &Wil­son Inc. Geo­logic Mapping

Social Net­work­ing( Non-​moderated Forums )
Face­Book: Save Sun­set Falls
Face­Book: Mt Index Riversites

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